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Hi, I'm Isa. This is where you can find my commission info and queue list. DM on the links below for commission or feel free to support me through tips.

Announcement πŸ‘„

Queue List πŸ’Œ

πŸ’Έ = means already paid

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Commission Type πŸŽ€

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Terms of Service πŸ‘ 

Note: If I think I can't properly execute the commission, I can refuse to accept it

Illustration Themes

Note: Background is only either flat color or blurred setting

πŸ”ž Semi-NSFW/ NSFWOffensive Content
FurryGore/ Horror
Original Characters (OCs)Political Content
FanartArmors and Mecha
Real People/ Historical FigureComplex Background

Payment & Refund

  • GCash for those in the Philippines. PayPal or Ko-fi and USD for international only. (No Cryptocurrencies)

  • Full payment upfront. Once details have been agreed on, you may send the payment over Ko-fi before I can proceed with drawing the commission.

  • No refunds once I have received payment. Please think carefully before you decide to commission πŸ˜… Refunds will only be given if I cannot complete your commission.


  • If you intend to resell or use the commission for merchandise then we can negotiate the price.

  • The artist can post the commissioned works on their social media platforms as a sample work or include it in their professional portfolio.

Work Period

  • Clients who already paid upfront would be prioritized.

  • It would take 2-3 weeks or 1-4 months for the client to receive their commissions once payment has been sent over Ko-fi.

  • Progress report has 2 stages: rough sketch and full render.

  • Finished artworks will be sent through the client's email in PNG and PDF format

Commission Form

  • If you’re interested in commissioning me, email me at [email protected] with the following information:

βœ… Commission Type: Please refer to the "Pricing page" for further detailsβœ… Character: kindly send me the character you want me to draw or if it's an OC (information about the character) + reference of what the character would look if it's SFW or NSFW.βœ… Details: Please provide a general theme (ex: Halloween, Christmas, etc.) of what you would want me to draw + description + specific references of the pose.

  • You can also send me a message for any inquiries about commissions πŸ˜„